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I was also depressed by the inclusion of Rick Warren in the inauguration, but it could have been a catholic priest spouting about sin instead so lesser of 2 evils FTW. I honestly think religion holds very little power in the halls of congress. Aside from having kooks ready to chant and carry signs at the drop of a hat they have no power when compared to the people that supply the money to run for office. This next election will set obscene spending records on both sides of the aisle so what we have to do is convince whatever party we want to win that the less they spend the more electable they look. The same goes for religion, encourage them to talk to disbelievers and about the freedom to disbelieve then vote for those that do. In the recent election many of the local and state candidates who ran on whipping up the faithful landed squarely on their asses. I'm sure some of the winners have religious beliefs but they didn't bring them up and got elected anyway so I'm encouraged for the future.

Tue, 04 Jan 2011 01:22:07 UTC | #572935