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One is a dance teacher, another a fashion designer, both professions clearly frown upon by the religion they changed to... How do you square the make up and fashion with being modest? Music is haram too, so much for the dancing... Then there are the more universal problems islam have with females, like half worth in front of the law, as inheritance, or the fact that men can have up to four partners, but women can't , or that muslim men can choose to marry outside the faith, but muslim women can't. Etc etc etc...

Then we have the guy that chooses islam because he likes some ideals of faithfulness to a woman, ? What about polygamy but hey... And not eating bad things for your body ... Funny enough pork or wine are not bad unless you decide they are. And islam didnt stop Muslims smoking like crazy.

And the converted racist, nice just look at his picture

Tue, 04 Jan 2011 08:39:24 UTC | #573052