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I read as far as this

The issues of women's rights were shockingly contemporary.

...once I wiped the coffee off my screen I ws left wondering what world this woman lives in, or does she simply not read the news.

The converted racist (who incidently doesn't claim he's not racist anymore) plainly states he tried 3 flavours of islam before finding his goldilocks islam.

Tehn we get to the "I like the look of it" style convert, oh dear. tieInterceptor above has already covered the sillyniess of his initial statement, but this was the clincher for me

Then I was introduced by a Muslim friend to a doctor who was a few years older than me. We went for a coffee and then a few weeks later for an ice cream

Did anyone else read this and think, "that's how the Catholic priests groomed their victims too"

Though it's an interesting new tactic for the evangelicals. No need to hand out pamphlets, just invite people for coffee and ice cream.

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