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In short. This report pretends to be a scientific study, it is not. This report is a piece of religious propaganda. Reading between the lines; Faith Matters wants to try and scare the British media into thinking they are upsetting a large, and growing, religious group (Muslims). Those Muslims who are attached to Faith Matters have acquiesced in the production of this report probably because they like the idea of being seen as a growing and vibrant religion.

Anyone without a religious faith needs to say this - otherwise we are tacitly agreeing to the special treatment that religions claim.

Faith Matters are clear that their report is not, primarily, about how many people are converting to Islam. It is about what role converts can play in integrating Islam into the UK.

Can you say: Playing with fire?

The report exposes its real agenda when it asserts, without providing supporting evidence: "New Muslims are not a security threat, nor are they a population that should be at the mercy of those within Muslim communities who want to push obsolete and unethical cultural practices."

Can you say: In your dreams?

To generate its scaremongering headline the report extrapolates from data in a Scottish census of 2001 that there were ~61,000 converts to Islam in the whole of the UK that year.

Quite apart from the fact that this is little more than a shot in the dark, 2001 was the year of the New York twin towers terrorist attack.

Can you say: Polarised international politics causes emigres to revise personal identities?

The report goes on to say that, following the obvious re-conversion of some immigrants to their family religion (in 2001), the rate of conversion is 5,200 per year. In a population of ~60M that's about 0.0009% of the population. Even if the figure of 5,200 can be trusted that's not exactly earth shattering.

But can the figure be trusted?

For a start the figures are based on a on-line survey with only 122 responses. Some details in the report are based on a follow-up survey of only 32 respondents, a number so small - even in comparison with the supposed number of converts overall - as to be statistically insignificant. The quality of this data is also highly suspect - respondents were asked to self-identify their ethnic origins, for example. Also, finally, the reports authors' have an interesting way of interpreting the data. For example: They rubbish two previous studies that concluded most women who convert to Islam do so in order to marry. This despite the fact that their own survey had identified that 55% had married Muslims from Muslim families, and 12% were married to Muslim converts. 62% of all respondents were female.

Can you say: Transparent agenda?

Finally; the report makes no mention of the people who revert to a previous state (go back to being Christians, Jews, Agnostics, etc.)

Can you say: Incomplete and misleading?

The report is available for free: Link to Report

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