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← The Islamification of Britain: record numbers embrace Muslim faith

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I suspect the motivations for converting are for the most part other than a genuine search for spirituality. In the young, it's just experimentation (as I experimented with Wicca). I think there is also the theme of victimization which attracts a lot of people particularly idealistic ones. One wants to support people whom one views as heroic victims, and any analysis of the western attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan or of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, can create an impression of all Muslims being victims. (A friend of mine once told me she converted to Judaism twenty years ago for this reason, "to show solidarity.")

I can certainly see the superficial attraction for males: ultramachismo, the permanent 3 day beard, docile women, etc. and I rather doubt that any of them read the fine print about death to apostates.

Even if the conversion is temporary and superficial, the numbers are a bit unsettling. So much stupidity.

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