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← Punjab Governor Salman Taseer assassinated in Islamabad

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No doubt we'll now see the usual suspects roll out their usual lame excuses for another landmark in islam's sorry trail of death;

It was a local dispute that got out of hand. (Usually heard in the aftermath of mosque bombings.)

It was a restrained and fully understandable response to British and / or American and / or Zionist aggression. (Delete as applicable. . . or not at all in some cases)

It was the result of issues caused by the legacy of criminal Western imperialism. (Usually heard, when a hero of the religion of peace decides to share his martyrdom, with the local population of a country that might previously have had an infidel or two interfere with the stonings and amputations.)

And the number one favourite. . .

Whatever the real cause, and of course we'll never really know, it was nothing whatever to do with the teachings of the gentle religion of Islam.

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