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When will we stop giving these stone age savages the benefits of secular advancement.

By that I mean no more tax breaks, no more modern medicine, no more TV and radio time for the parasites who push their gods. Take their international bank accounts. Make it a criminal offense to do business with them. And I don't mean just the followers of the sheep shagging desert bandit. Do the same for the jobbing carpenter and his psychotic dad. We did it for the followers of the greek mob, those viking thugs, the feathered snake from South America and many others.

Lets start with no cash aid for any country which does not adhere to the UN declaration on human rights. Notice I say cash. Sending beds, tents, food and medicine to people who need them in an emergency is fine. That's direct aid to people who need it. I'm fine with that. But no more cash without strings.

Tue, 04 Jan 2011 19:01:01 UTC | #573362