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← Punjab Governor Salman Taseer assassinated in Islamabad

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Comment 16 by MarkOnTheRiver

No doubt we'll now see the usual suspects roll out their usual lame excuses for another landmark in islam's sorry trail of death;

Sure enough, one of the commenters (on the site referenced by beanson, Comment 20) alluding to one of your suggestions... but which one?

"Although the common perception is that Mr Taseer was assassinated for his outspoken views on the blasphemy law in Pakistan, it would be very short-sighted to assume that a lone gunman decided to execute him for this reason alone. It is much more likely that he was assassinated for more wide-scale political reasons." Nameer Rehman, Karachi, Pakistan

Comment 9 by Galactor

I just can't understand why they don't think Allah and Muhammad aren't tough enough to fight their own battles.

Nobody likes to admit that the super-being they believe controls the known universe is in fact a pansy-assed wuss. (Oh, is that blasphemy? My bad.)

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