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Comment 2 by bethe123 What an idiot.

Making a youtube video which implicitly accords the most speculative and unproven of scientific theories the same certainty as proven science is a travesty. The only thing remarkable is that video somehow managed to get posted on

bethe, i have to agree with stevezar: what video were YOU watching?? i always find it remarkable that no matter what you put in front of people, they will see only what they want to see. i rather imagine that this "bethe" has probably trashed other contributions at various other sites, too. the fact that his/her comment is abusive rather than constructive is a put off. phillhelenes has done a great job in portraying his thoughts in a very beautiful if not poetic way. i find myself wishing i'd been exposed to the possibilities put forward in the video at a much earlier age!

Wed, 05 Jan 2011 00:22:48 UTC | #573500