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← Mainstream religious organisations applaud killing of Salman Taseer

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Of course, we're deluding ourselves if we think this sort of news will make any difference. We're so keen in Britain to hang on to our proud heritage of "multiculturalism" that we prefer to bury our heads in the sand when something like this happens and pretend that it hasn't.

And those of us who point out such acts of barbarity and the reaction to it are either branded as "militant" or, worse, "racist".

I was discussing some other act of Islamic barbarity on another messageboard a couple of weeks ago. I can't remember which particular act it was as there are so many. I was accused of "only ever talking about the bad things and ignoring all the good that religion does", as if (a) these things didn't happen all that often, and (b) that the occasional good things that religion do make up for all the beatings, stonings, murders, assault (e.g. acid in the face), suicide bombings, and so on that goes on.

The self-delusion of some people makes me weep.

Thu, 06 Jan 2011 10:58:33 UTC | #573992