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I attempted to post a discussion here the other day which was rejected by the admins. Perhaps it was the tone of the piece - I was feeling extremely exasperated at the time of writing. In essence the discussion was an attempt to question what we are willing to do to combat the evils of superstition, irrationality and stupidity so prevelent in todays global community (which is what the world is now, like it or not).

By definition these people can not be reasoned with. People who do not accept reason as a basis for knowledge will never be swayed by persuasion or open to changing their absolutist standpoints regardless of the available evidence.

If we accept this, and we also accept that our desired outcome is the continued survival, and increased well being of all humans (and all other sentient/concious creatures), what are people willing to do to make this happen?

For fear that people infer from this question that I advocate the 'kill them all' option I will quash that now. I do not believe in any totalitarian doctrines (with the hitch on this and many other issues) or the forcing of beliefs upon anyone - the freedom of expression, thought and movement of the individual must be paramount

Call it the 'star Trek' future - No poverty, No suffering, everyone equal and all working together towards a common goal of increased wisdom, konwledge, experience and utility.

This is the goal I believe we all seek. So how much do we want it and believe it right? (If at all) and if so, what's next to do?

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