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Comment 12 by CarolineMary :

Worse than that, it could go nuclear.

Reading Richard's comment 10 has just given me cause to fear that.

Do we really think that any militant islamists who got their hands on a nuke would desist from using it on "the infidels"? If they thought we deserved it?

Evin if there are moslems in this country too. Any that died in such a bombing would be considered martyrs and get their 72 virgins or whatever.

It always strikes me as incomprehensible that any man could consider 72 virgins a realistic reality as component to believe god exists- not to mention vastly more servants. Does such a man not question his own motives and aspirations - more still the motives of those teaching him such ideas?

a) How would any man herd 72 pussies (thank goodness atheists are grown ups) and expect them all to genuinely want him lest he considered himself a dictator over them and thus as lacking in any empathy for their wishes and their desires, unless as an absolute dictator?

b) How could this be equitable and equal for the 72 women (or post pubescent females) who had to submit to such an everlasting reality? And what of their concept of heaven? A 1 in 72 share in competition for a man?

c) What of the population explosion for each person afforded this situation? Does each son also get 72 virgins? Does this therefore mean a 72:1 birth rate of females to males to consistently make the reward workable?

d) Are humans really as fickle as the above indicates in allowing their minds to live for rewards that make no sense and cannot possibly be workable solutions to any possible life, less still an everlasting one.

e) What can such a god expect reasoning adults to respect in regards to such proposals? Its name???

f) Considering some humans reasonings as in the above, can any such god hold moral authority over well reasoned and sincerely sought humanitarian values and is it not therefore a gross evil to ever permit them to ever convict someone of blasphemy?

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