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It isn't wrong that these substances are offered on the NHS, it's wrong that they are offered at all.

The one thing that makes science based medicine superior is that no treatment can be offered unless the patient is expected to benefit from it on the basis of evidence or on the clear understanding that the treatment is experimental.

Homeopathic preparations have been tested and shown to be no better than placebo; that is, no more effective than a substance which nobody believes is effective at all. It follows that the substance offered for medicinal purposes does not work. It isn't a medicine, even an alternative one, because it has no medicinal effect.

It is therefore, unethical to intercede in people's wellbeing with something which is shown not to be effective, because you set up a clinic or sell a preparation with the promise to help. Homeopaths are misleading people by claiming to help people who are ill, when it is clear their preparations do not work.

It should be illegal to even imply a treatment has a medicinal effect without it being demonstrated effective first.

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