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all the religions, including no religion," says Alaimo.

Ugh, not having a religion is a religion?

I think this is a similar problem as the acceptance of Zero as a Number in ancient times. Imagine the following antique dialogue:

"Eureka! Zero is a number!".

"What? Zero means Nothing! How can Nothing be a number?!".

"But if we use Zero as a new number we can vastly improve our calculation methods!"

"Don't be a fool! You can't calculate with Nothing!"...

I think it all depends on the definition of terms. Theologically "Religion" means believe in some God in the majority of all cases. Politically "All Religions" also has to include Atheism.

Btw: Here in Austria (where I'm from), there is an "Atheistic Religious Group"( - just for reasons of political influence of course.

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