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Kirsty Walk's heart is clearly in the right place. Such a shame it is so hard to understand a word she says. Somebody needs to tell her, there are these weird things called CONSONANTS.

It is not just that there is no evidence to support homeopathy, as many people say on this film. It is close to being the case that there never COULD be any such evidence, in principle. This is because, in any well-controlled double blind experiment to test homeopathy, there would be no difference between the experimental dose and the control dose. There is one possible loophole through which homeopathy could wriggle. The molecules of water could retain a 'memory' of the active ingredient that was once there. But if this were the case, and a homeopath could demonstrate it, they would have discovered a whole new force of physics, and would win the Nobel Prize for Physics as well as that for Medicine. Sadly, they show no sign of even trying for this, let alone succeeding.


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