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'First; do no harm' Any doctor who recommends homeopathic remedies should be struck off. I went to visit a friends father in hospital recently and was disgusted to find leaflets in the cafeteria offering homeopathy, reiki and other such nonsense. This hospital was primarily a geriatric facility.

I'd go as far as to say that Prince Wingnut has actually given these dangerous charlatans a little credibility by endorsing them.

When I spoke to Ben Goldacre about this a while ago, he said that if the public are stupid enough to believe it, they deserve to be fleeced by the charlatans (or words to that effect; apologies to Ben if I'm wrong there) but my opinion is that it becomes a public health issue if these non-remedies are offered for potentially fatal diseases.

Good to see Simon Singh, he's been through a lot, kept his cool and still walks the walk.


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