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It's funny, Christians always complain that the media discriminates against them - so I'm sure some of them would love a strict(er) blasphemy law. Luckily, the worst Christians will do is say a prayer for you. People fear blaspheming against Islam because you could end up being killed. It's a bad state of affairs.

The strangest thing is, it seems to be getting worse. South Park did a superhero episode a few years back where they had Mohammed, Jesus e.t. al fighting crime. I don't remember the Islamic community making a fuss then. Then after the Danish comic fiasco, South Park did another superhero episode where they didn't dare show Mohammed (they covered him with a large black rectangle).

I think the media has to take a lot of the blame. A lot of non-stories make it and can be extremely dangerous. For example the US preacher who threatened to burn the Qur'an that caused a major controversy. There was absolutely no way that should have ever gone beyond a local paper - it was a complete non-story. The US national media seemed to pick it up and make it a main headline. Are they really that idiotic? The danger and trouble that could have caused... Well I don't know.

When people ask - where are the moderate Muslims? Can you blame them for keeping quiet - even in Europe and the US?

Aahhh, such a peaceful religion.

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