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Comment 16 by Peter Grant :

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Maybe in numbers they would be okay - but for the first few to speak up - they'd need balls of steel.

Since when has the Muslim world exhibited a shortage of people willing to die for what they believe? These "moderates", if they exist, do need to grow some.

It is very easy for you to sit in safety and expect others to speak up, when you know very well that the moderates who 'grow some' face the threat of death. As an atheist living in a Muslim country, I tire of the people commenting on this website who lazily imagine all Muslims to be, if not outright evil, at least cowardly and irresponsible. The fact that the vast majority of Muslims are good and decent people is obvious to anyone living among them, and only in websites such as these (which I enjoy reading) do you find comments which indicate such blatant bigotry.

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