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Oh get off your moral high horse.

No, how many fascist regimes have you helped overthrow?

First of all, there are quite obviously Muslims who condemn the killing, and aren't afraid to speak out. Thousands came out to support Salman Taseer during his funeral, even if selective reading prevents you from acknowledging it. And if you work and have friends among Muslims, you must know that almost all of them find terrorism repugnant.

But they're not above a little bullying and intimidation.

My point was that you can't expect all of them to put their lives on their line as Salman Taseer did.

Yes I can.

(and no, forwarding some cartoons does not give you the moral high ground to condemn over a billion people in the world)

I'm not condemning anyone, but through their inaction they are condemning themselves to slavery.

Sun, 09 Jan 2011 13:17:00 UTC | #575658