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I follow politics in America to the point of near nausea with the irresponsible rhetoric that has become the norm over the last several years. I remember being turned off by the rhetoric of both political parties when I first became eligible to vote prior to the election of Reagan and made the concious decision to become an independent, from which I have never strayed. While, from an independent's studied point of view, it may be true that both sides of the political table use reprehensible language to make their points, it is without doubt the right that has used the most virulent, factually vacuous, and easily arguably violence-inciting language. Yes, most of us are able to (when we can stand to even listen to the crap being spewed forth)distinguish that these fire breathers don't really mean for people to use violence as a means to a political end, but the point is that there are many unstable and easily influenced minds that cannot reason through the hate speech to realize they should not act on their basest emotions. The suspect in this heinous crime seems to be one of these people. I do not expect the right to pull back from this horrible behavior, and the intial response from them supports this. It is no coincidence in my mind that many of these people also use apocalyptic imagery in many of their speeches and screeds as well, it reinforces my thoughts that they are not people of reason!

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