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← Sarah Palin's camp says depraved liberals blame her for mass murders

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Sarah Palin is most definitely dangerous, whether consciously or not. A rational person would find some humility and completely condemn acts or threats of violence. But Palin refuses, and this tells us that she is both completely irresponsible and deluded.

There are parallels to this and Pakistan, where the 'environment' of threats and coded words got Salman Taseer killed. Of course, none of those inciting violence and assassination are directly responsible, because irresponsibility is part such environments. Taseer was both naive and brave, and so too was Gabrielle Giffords. Both knew about the risks, and were clearly both concerned and defiant, and just a little bit wreckless.

I'm reminded of the scapegoating of the Jews in the early days of Nazi Germany, the rhetoric and hatred whipped up, and we know where it leads.

Violent rhetoric provides the environment. It is the fire that sweeps a nation toward evil tyranny and the slaughter of the scapegoats.

Mon, 10 Jan 2011 17:05:33 UTC | #576116