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Not a doctor, so this is a layman's memory of several articles I've read. Scientific American had one years ago about how knowledge about the brain increased after the Franco-Prussian War because the new, needle-shaped bullets sometimes went through soldiers' brains in a way similar to Giffords and the soldiers survived. But some suffered injuries that changed their personalities or mental abilities, giving medical researchers some of their first insights into how specific areas of the brain are linked to specific abilities. I also once read that professional assassins carry 2 guns. The first, heavier-caliber weapon is used to take down a target. The second gun is a low-powered .22-caliber pistol that is fired directly into the side of the head. The reason is that the bullet won't exit the skull but rather bounce around inside, inflicting fatal damage. I hope no professional assassins are reading this and get useful info that they did not know before! I'm glad the lady's prognosis looks good and hope she makes a full recovery or as full as possible with minimal after-effects. Ditto for all of the other surviving victims. And yes, I blame the right-wing hate-mongers for fostering a climate of paranoia and anger that will push the mentally unstable toward this kind of violence. That might not be true in this particular case, but right-wing violence has been a serious threat in the U.S., such as the Oklahoma City bombing and several killings due to racist or antisemitic, "Phineas Priest" groups.

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