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Once again we are failing to observe things as they are. We know there is no such thing as mental illness or well-being, these are only concepts we use in absense of making the effort to build an accuarate mental model of reality.

We've certainly had enough of the cultist "acceptance of non-answers" but I've certainly had enough of the unadventurous and the cynical in the technical community. I look for the best minds that are taking us into the future, people who are trying to be as radical and empirical with progress as possible.

I mean there are people closing in on building a complete digital model of a human brain. We're devising methods to test our theories of everything. We're going to be able to see bigger pictures in a big way.

I'm in the camp that sees the DSM V as a horribly misguided attempt to continue our outdated strategies meant to quantify and categorize reality. We're not ubiquitously and infinitely ambitious at all! We need to build holistic, total vision of reality based on a theory of everything or a theory of this universe, and we need to quicken the pace.

The better we can see things as they are given the restraints of our brains, the more radically we can affect change for the good. Hey if we make it to a stage 3 civilization and we can channel the power of galaxies hopefully long before then we'll be engineering near-paradises. I think we're held back by this ridiculous attempt to name everything.

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