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← A Key Series of Events Helped Giffords Survive a Gunshot Wound to the Head

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Comment 6 - Virginian

Can't see the point in 2 guns. If an assassin is that close and has time then a heavy calibre handgun fired into the base of the skull severing the spinal cord is good enough.

What is remarkable is that this character actually attempted a head shot (and succeeded)which suggests he is a fair hand with a pistol. On most ocassions there is not time to get close enough for an accurate shot and WW2 special operations executives were taught to fire 2 rounds at close range into the central thorax (Josef Gabcik killed Heydrich's driver in this fashion).

People can survive shootings at near point blank range. Goetz the subway vigilante fired 5, .38 rounds in under a second and a half (some claim one)and hit all of his targets though they all survived.

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