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← 'Psycho killer'? The Jared Lee Loughner case brings out the usual abuse

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I have not seen anyone claim that all mental ill people are violent. However, to do what this guy did, can only be done by someone who is not mentally well.

A small number of ultra-right (wrong) media people have claimed that Mr. Jared Loughner was not religious and that was why he did this horrid thing. They claim that not being religious leaves a hole in you, that evil will fill. Yet the prisons are not filled with non-religious people, they are filled with religious people.

It is my thought that he will be found incompetent and therefore not tried, but put into a mental hospital. Eventually a quack psychiatrist will say that he is no longer mentally ill and he will be released. Once again he will have access to websites like Sara Palins' with cross-hairs over people’s names or addresses. Hear people like Rush Limbaugh and other crack pots telling him how dangerous liberals are. He will be able to get weapons. This is part of the price we pay to live in a free society.

I personally think that the mentally ill that kill people should be put down, like mad dogs.

Does that make me sound too radical?

It is what the Baptist minister, at the church I went to as a child, always said about mentally ill people who hurt or killed. It is possible that he had way to much impact on my impressionable mind.

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