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Comment 13 by Vorlund :

What is remarkable is that this character actually attempted a head shot (and succeeded)which suggests he is a fair hand with a pistol.

I don't see why it is so remarkable. The location (grocery store), type of event (politician-hangin-with-the-voters), and reports of the shooting ("point blank") all indicate that he was able to get as close as he wanted.

On most ocassions there is not time to get close enough for an accurate shot

This isn't "most occasions", this is one occasion. And it seems like he WAS able to get close enough.

and WW2 special operations executives were taught to fire 2 rounds at close range into the central thorax

Maybe, just maybe, this guy didn't study WWII special ops. Maybe he was rolling with the popular notion of a head shot being the ultimate brutal kill.

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