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Comment 13 by fuzzylogic :

It's quite clear based on his youtube videos alone that he is a paranoid schizophrenic, it doesn't take and expert to see that.

Throw in easy access guns and violent political rhetoric in the media and this is what happens.

Yes and no. My husband's brother in law (from his first marriage) is a paranoid schizophrenic, so he has had decades of experience dealing with the issue. Most paranoid schizophrenics are not violent, and have no violent tendencies. BIL hears voices--they tell him to eat chocolate, or they tell him that the food at his facility isn't kosher (it's not), or that he shouldn't go to the Y to exercise because it's the Young Mens CHRISTIAN association, and they will persecute him, a Jew. But he has never, in 30 years, shown even an iota of violence in response to his paranoia.

Some small percentage of paranoid schizophrenics are potentially violent (I won't look it up, but I believe it's single digits small). Should everyone with mental illness be tarred with the same brush? No. Should everyone who is mentally ill, with or without violent tendencies, get help? YES and YES and YES. In all the talk of gun control and Sarah Palin and all the rest, I've yet to hear something that says, "If US society took better care of its mentally ill, this wouldn't have happened." Yes, we need better gun laws, and yes, Sarah Palin needs to sit down and shut up already. But we also need to really give help to the mentally ill.

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