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“The peace that God provides!” He sure didn’t provide much that day. There’s nothing quite like an American politician campaigning on the coat tails of a terrible tragedy. Palin sounds as sanctimonious as one would expect. Interesting to note that taking her time to reflect on the tragedy and praying for guidance her initial response was bewilderment (“puzzled”). Shouldn’t a Christian be immediately gripped by abhorrence or grievously saddened. No! Palin takes an extra moment to be “concerned” (what about?). And finally wallowing after her bewilderment and concern comes “sadness”, though not for the victims but at the irresponsible statements surrounding the issue of blame. How nice to see Christian politicians’ prioritize their feelings in such an acute, pragmatic manner. Only to be expected, I guess…

Wed, 12 Jan 2011 15:36:25 UTC | #577203