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← A Key Series of Events Helped Giffords Survive a Gunshot Wound to the Head

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We recovered an Argentinian soldier, after we overran their position in the Falklands, who had taken either a round or shrapnel to his head around the temple area. There was no exit wound so we could only assume that the object that caused his injury was still in there. Whatever it was had first passed through his helmet. He seemed to be alright at first, apart from the fact he was blind as a result of his injury, he was talking and seemed alert but his condition started going downhill quite rapidly. We got him casevaced as soon as we could but we later learned that he had died shortly after getting back to our medical facilities.

I only mention it now to illustrate that all head wounds are not instantly fatal so I hope that the fact Gabrielle Giffords got to proper medical care quickly probably played a part, that and the advances that have been made since that poor chap in the Falklands.

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