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What is more, because those who are passionate about their faith do not want to act in contradiction to it, the argument in favour of the open approach has to go wider and deeper than simply asking people to behave nicely to one another. It has to address, full-on, the spiritual, theological and scriptural basis for mutual respect towards those who follow a different religious or spiritual path.

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Leviticus 18:22

Start by addressing that scriptural basis, Tony Blair. Full on.

If you are a "layperson" of goodwill there are many things you can do. These may include inviting neighbours of various faiths for a cup of tea or coffee or a chat...

Christian: Coffee's ready! Shall we begin our little chat with a prayer?
Mormon: Uh, no coffee for me, thanks.
Muslim: Yes, the Qur'an requires a prayer to Allah. But in which direction is Mecca?
Rabbinical Jew: Oy gevalt! Halakha forbids heating coffee on Shabbat!
Atheist: My compass indicates Mecca is toward that crucifix on the wall...
Christian: Isn't it beautiful? My husband drilled some holes and pressed in the cutest little nails. He died for our sins, you know.
Rabbinical Jew: Oy gevalt! We are innocent!
Muslim: The Messenger was not crucified. The Qur'an is clear on this point.
Atheist: Hey look! An old episode of Cosmos is on! Let's microwave some popcorn!
Rabbinical Jew: Oy gevalt! Bishul is one of the 39 forbidden Melachot!
Muslim: Did you say 'microwave'? Let me see this new weapon.
Christian: Here you go Mr. no coffee. I brought you a soft drink instead.
Atheist: It's not a weapon. There is a cavity magnetron inside that heats up water molecules...
Muslim: It sounds perfect for the jihad. Allahu Akbar!
Rabbinical Jew: Oy gevalt!
Christian: Oh Lord, bless this home and my new friends...
Mormon: Yecch. Diet Pepsi...


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