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No, I think that just like love, actions cannot be worth anything unless they come from freewill

So god's actions are worthless... seriously

According to the christian faith god cannot commit evil, or apparently even be involved with or accept evil. That, according to your definition of freewill, means god doesn't have freewill. So therefore god's actions cannot be worth anything unless god were to have freewill i.e. the ability to commit and accept evil acts, which the RCC most definitely says god can't do...

If you say that god has chosen to not be evil, do evil things, accept evil, etc., it would infer that god knew about evil before our creation. That evil actually existed alongside god. In fact the bible infers this via god's injunction against the tree of knowledge (A whole other can of worms) Yet god has not done evil. How did it then know about evil before evil even happened?

'It's a mystery' doesn't count as an answer... ;)

Tue, 18 Jan 2011 15:04:30 UTC | #580438