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Negotiating with them could simply an "in" for them so that they can stop them.

Are you serious? When has the Vatican ever managed to stop a dictator? They are better in enabling them.

Just because its the Vatican doesn't mean everything they do is sinister.

Oh yes, it does!

Former Pope John Paul II was instrumental in working against communism in his native Poland. The idea that everything the Vatican does is sinister is both naive and irresponsible. We must be logical in our criticism or we will not be taken seriously.

I've got a little logic for you. The polish pope wanted Poland free from communism because:

A. He was sick of seeing his fellow Poles oppressed at the hands of a brutal regime.

B. He had a vision for a paradise of free thought and academics in his native land.

C. He was tired of the communists suppressing religion and making it difficult for the church to accrue believers and wealth from Poland.

You can do the right thing for evil reasons, just because he looked kindly doesn't mean he was.

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