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← Tory chief Baroness Warsi attacks 'bigotry' against Muslims

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Prejudice against Muslims has "passed the dinner-table test" and become socially acceptable in the UK, a senior Conservative is to say.

Naturally - it sets itself up to be ridiculed.

Baroness Warsi, co-chairman of the Tory Party, will warn against dividing Muslims into moderates and extremists.

Is there a difference? Moderates aren't 'true' muslims. If they were, they'd be extremist. Glad we got that cleared up.

The baroness, the first Muslim woman to serve in the cabinet, will say such labels fuel misunderstanding.

Yes, I agree here too. We need to make it more clear that this extremist religion has no place, not just in Britain, but anywhere. You can't sit back and accommodate terrorism in your own religions name and say 'but I'm moderate'.

She will use a speech at Leicester University to accuse the media of superficial discussion of Islam.

And again I agree. The media needs to wake up and take the Islamic threat more seriously and raise awareness of FGM etc. Wow! this woman is bang on with her observations.

Baroness Warsi will say anti-Muslim prejudice is now seen by many Britons as normal and uncontroversial, and she will use her position to fight an "ongoing battle against bigotry"

Absolutely. Islam is about as bigoted a religion as they come with it's insistence on homophobia, death for apostasy and a hundred other reasons.

And then I realised she meant the opposite in every case. What a myopic, self-deluding individual. The irony actually hurts.

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