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Earlier this morning, there were 1447 comments on the Telegraph website, in response to Baroness Warsi's article. Now, at 10 am, they have all disappeared. I still have the page open, displaying the first 25. I reproduce them here, not because I agree with all of them but because the Telegraph is apparently censoring them.


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hodge 48 seconds ago Sayeeda Warsi is fortunate to be living in a country where a) as a muslim woman she has a voice in public and b) nobody is either trying to force her into an arranged marriage (primitive) or punishing her for the sins of her male siblings (barbaric). the fact of the matter is that all terrorist acts committed on british soil, and in fact most developed nations, are committed by muslims, lets not dress it up by calling them islamists, who are neither grateful for the opportunity they have been given nor endeavour to blend in with the culture of the nation they have adopted. unlike any other religion, a muslim will say they are muslim first and british second. this does not happen with any form of christianity, nor buddhism, judaism or any other religion of which I can think. unfortunately muslims are their own worst enemy, they do not control their communities, they are slow to condemn atrocities, they treat women like second class citizens, and they treat animals in an appalling manner - who on earth as a right minded englishman agrees with any animal being killed to satisfy halal needs? as a 14 year old a friend of mine lost his father in lockerbie, some years later I lost a friend in 911, and a few years after that a friend of mine lost a female friend in 7/7, please do tell me what on earth good I could possibly being derived from the muslim population of the UK? and before you think I am a little englander, I am half lebanese. Report Recommend

grahams 1 minute ago Recommended by 1 person Strange that the UK allows all these muslim terrorists, rapists and other murderers into the country, but refuses to allow an American pastor - on grounds of extremism. Does that mean that ALL muslim extremists will now be deported from the UK? Bet not. Report Recommend

Bill 1 minute ago Warsi is simply whining. There is nothing improper about judging ideologies.

Warsi also bleats about a scenario where having just hired a Muslim worker, the boss says to his employees: 'Not to worry, he’s only fairly Muslim’. Hardly surprising: people want reassurance that they don't have to censor themselves, worry about changing their own diet to avoid "offending" a censorious muslim.

Dislike of islam is a consequence of muslim behaviour - just as it is with the dislike of Nazism. Report Recommend

squeezedmiddle 1 minute ago Recommended by 1 person Islam has NO tolerance for other faiths, muslims are racist, sexist and have no respect for british law culture or christianity. They won't rest until we adopt Sharia law. This Baroness should resign Report Recommend


squeezedmiddle 2 minutes ago Islam has tolerance for other faiths, muslims are racist, sexist and have no respect for british law culture or christianity. They won't rest until we adopt Sharia law. This Baroness should resign Report Recommend

stewartinoz 2 minutes ago Remember when the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem collaberated with the NAZIS again the Jewish population and there was a purge. Wake up and smell the roses. Report Recommend

Jack Cope 1 minute ago And millions of Muslims fought against the Nazis, far more than this 'mufti' and his rag-tag gang. Unless you want to dispute that... Report Recommend

kergoff 4 minutes ago Recommended by 3 people Baroness Warsi can talk as much as she wants. There is no place in Britain for the muslim faith. As soon as they show normal behaviour and not the int0lerant bigotry they spout in the muslim countries she can come back. In the meantime she is better served by keeping quiet. If that does not suit she also sorts of options most of which she would reject Report Recommend

jeanyves 5 minutes ago Recommended by 1 person Anybody who had any doubt as to the validity of her claims has to only to read the comments here to realise that if anything she has understated the situation !! I would ask again why is that topics loaded with opportunity for anti muslim semtiment are allowed comment whereas topics about the persecution of muslims by the fascist thugs currently in charge of Israel are denied. Report Recommend

Bob Landy 1 minute ago Recommended by 1 person If you don't know the difference between a country defending itself and a religion at war with the world and itself then I can't help you. Report Recommend

pfbulmer 6 minutes ago Recommended by 1 person The Baronesse is also has some strange concern about people being divided into Muslims in to two types moderate and extremists , which is quite natural .

It is difficult to understand her point of view .

This does of course make great sense to make this division because it shows there is an attempt to not to tar every one with same brush and make the distinction between moderate and extremists and judge people as individuals . and on their merits .

This is clearly healthy , it is not ideal but it is the situation that non muslims find themselves in because no one is dealing with the real issues .

It is better than saying all Islamic people are extremists which clearly they are not and it better than saying all Islamic people are moderate as clearly there is some evidence and disagreement on this .

British people generally give people a fair chance and if some one is a good bloke it does not matter where they come from.

This is not prejudice but basic common sense something that seems to be lacking in the handling of this problem !

Report Recommend

sirmichael 7 minutes ago Recommended by 7 people She should ask herself why Islamaphobia exists in the first place. In my book only until the Muslim population starts to make more of an effort to integrate and drop some ideas from the Middle Ages will Islamaphobia stop. They should stop arranged marriages,wanting Sharia law,and wear western clothing to start with.Then stop wanting to build mosques all over the place,and crying "racism" evertime they don't get their way,usually about planning permission. Report Recommend

freerider 7 minutes ago Recommended by 5 people While Muslims remain insular and consider themselves higher beings than Christians or non-believers they will never integrate and will continue to be considered outsiders. Report Recommend


drstar 1 minute ago You can't fairly argue that there was ever any policy of extermination in the New World. The aborigines in Australia and America were low-tech societies that could only support very low population densities. As hunter-gatherers, they nutrition was poorer than for people with farming and metal-working technology. They lacked immunity to diseases from Europe, which often propagated far ahead of the front of settlement, so that many areas were unhinhabited by the time white colonists arrived. Report Recommend

epicadventure 7 minutes ago Recommended by 4 people Ehh? (Edited by author 7 minutes ago) Report Recommend

peter taylor 2 minutes ago Recommended by 1 person Can someone tell bedwin, he/she has their caps lock key stuck Report Recommend

georgej 9 minutes ago Recommended by 12 people Warsi:

Merited and justified censure of a repugnant ideology is not bigotry. And the phenomenon is not confined to the UK, it's growing in the entire Western world. It's roots are not not ethnic, either. Non-muslim immigrants are generally welcomed because they arrive with a willingness to adopt our values and adapt to our culture and way of life. It's not so much a culture clash with muslims as a collision of diametrically opposed civilisations. Islam doesn't belong here. The totalitarian, supremacist, intolerant and bigoted dogma expressed in the Koran is utterly incompatible with secular Western liberal democratic values.

Geert Wilders is absolutely correct when he compares the Koran to Mein Kampf, and he's not the first to have made the comparison. Some quotes:

Heinrich Himmler said to Josef Goebbels that Islam is “a very practical and attractive religion for soldiers.”

Karl Jung, in The Symbolic Life published in 1939, said, “We do not know whether Hitler is going to found a new Islam. (He is already on the way; he is like Mohammad. The emotion in Germany is Islamic; warlike and Islamic. They are all drunk with wild god). That can be the historic future.”

In The Second World War, Vol. I (The Gathering Storm), Winston Churchill wrote about Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf: “Here was the new Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message.” Report Recommend

epicadventure 1 minute ago Chuchill good, Hitler bad, Muslims bad. Your a nutter! Report Recommend

snowbaby 10 minutes ago Recommended by 8 people So what if the Muslims are talked about over the dinner table, so are red heads, Scots, Irish and Welsh,t he French the Germans etc etc. If she wants to wage a battle against bigotry the way to do so is to get the Muslims to integrate in British culture and be more tolerant of the British way of life, not make Britain more tolerant of Islam. We accept Islam, we live with it every day if the Muslims accept Christianity and Atheists and Gays and Jews and any other lifestyle then the world would be a better place. What we do not tolerate is Islam's inability to accept and tolerate others, to allow non believers the right to live in peace. We do not like the way Muslims treat it's own people, women and those who wish to leave it's fold in particular.

I do admit that when I see a Muslim woman all covered up out in the street, I shake my head and I feel sorry for her. No woman in their right mind would voluntarily dress up in such an outfit. (though I have to say some of the outfits the natives wear are pretty dodgy looking too, but at least they have the choice of what to wear). Report Recommend

jackcade 10 minutes ago Recommended by 6 people Our bigotry against Islam? That's a bit rich. What about the fact that the 7/7 bombers were all Muslims and that there is anti-western bigotry preached in mosques up and down the country on a daily basis? What about Muslim girls forced to wear ridiculous clothing with threats of violence if they don't? What about 'honour killings'?

I think Baroness Warsi ought to read the New Testament. If she did she would come across the words of Jesus: remove the beam from your own eye before tackling the mote in another's. Report Recommend

Manxman3 10 minutes ago Recommended by 5 people QUESTION: .............What is a racist, fascist, nazi biggot?

ANSWER:..........Anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal leftie. Report Recommend

georgesilver 10 minutes ago Recommended by 6 people I think we should be "suspicious" of anyone that follows and lives by ANY religion especially if they are a politician.

Anyone that lives their life based on irrational thought and constantly talks to an imaginary person "in-the-sky" should be given as wider berth as possible. Report Recommend

gsksay 11 minutes ago Recommended by 11 people The political undermining begin, there are islamaphobes because there are islamists. The war Islam has with the unbelievers started over 1400 years ago, it is now slightly more sophisticated, however the end result is islamisation, and the dominance of Islam over all other religions...

We believe we are fighting islamic terrorism, they believe they are re-creating the caliphate, we have time constraints they have forever....

Baroness Warsi, talks moderately, and looks the part, however in Islam this is allowed, deception of the enemy is totally acceptable, as long as the end game is achieved, Baroness Warsi to put it bluntly is the wolf in sheep's clothing and a 5th columnist against our society.

We do need to talk openly, we do need to call a muslim terrorist just that a muslim, just as we call the IRA a Irish terrorist....we need to stop being scared of calling a spade a spade..... and stop multiculturalism and start integration in our society.

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JonGaunt 30 minutes ago From twitter via BackType Pass me the horse hair shirt and whip! Warsi says we are all bigots and Muslims are victims again! Absolute Tosh!

rodney747 36 minutes ago From twitter via BackType I hate Muslims, basically for what they do and believe. It's nothing personal. via @Telegraph

justjig 50 minutes ago From twitter via BackType RT @shaistaAziz: Prejudice against Muslims has become widespread and socially acceptable in Britain: via @Telegraph #Islamaphobia

SelbyPost 59 minutes ago From twitter via BackType via @Telegraph Of course. Islam is a huge poitical, cultural and social threat to the UK. Warsi is misguided at best

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Tory chief #BaronessWarsi attacks '#bigotry' against #Muslims #UK #politics

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