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← Tory chief Baroness Warsi attacks 'bigotry' against Muslims

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Ah- A response from Norman Tebbit. This may be the first time that I've ever found myself in agreement with him. I note too that he includes atheists in his list of those maligned by muslims.

Norman Tebbit:

" Baroness Warsi should think twice before accusing Christians of bigotry.

Had Baroness Warsi sought my advice, I would have counselled her not to make the speech which has been trailed in The Daily Telegraph today. I would have told her that the Muslim faith was not discussed over the dinner tables of England, nor in the saloon bars, before large numbers of Muslims came here to our country. Then I would have told her to go to our Christian churches and listen to what was said about her religion and those who practise it, then to the Mosques to hear what is said in some of them about the Christian faith and those who practise it (or about Buddhists, Jews, or even those who have no faith at all). After that, I would say, she might consider who is in need of her homilies on prejudice. Until then a period of silence from the Baroness might not come amiss. "

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