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"Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,..."

I'm not sure that what you seek is even possible. Though, if it might be, someone here will come up with a reasonable way to try.

It seems like the most successful methods to sway people who might be on the fence, or to at least get them considering an opposing view, is to take very small steps over a period of time. Often times, people get a little more comfortable talking about it when they don't feel like it is destined to develop into an emotional confrontation. One thing I have found is that an appeal to their reason is almost a non-starter; unless they are already strongly tilting your direction. In my experience, someone who is firmly ensconced on the religious side is not able to wrap their arms around a purely rational, fact based argument.

Faith always trumps evidence. And that often derails the discussion before it really even gets started. You can keep dragging them back to the facts in the discourse, but they expect that their faith should be given equal deference to your facts. The result is almost always a disappointment.

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