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I don't think though, that religion does 'feel' right to anyone. Maybe it's just your own life and heart that is always the emotional argument against it, and religion is something that attempts but always ultimately fails, to keep putting a lid over it all? If it does ever 'feel' right, while in full song or prayer - it's always going to be temporary, sooner or later the doubts set back in and 'test' your faith - escape route covered - and it's a perpetual loop.

Maybe emotion is the escape route in itself ... but getting properly in touch with it enough to see the logic in our own beings, is just too tough?

Maybe science and logic seem to laugh in the face of emotion too much too?

I don't think there is a difference between logic and emotion. Maybe there's just good logic and bad logic ... emotion is the needle on the dial? I dunno, i just made that up.

I feel incredibly emotional about my atheism ... it became a really important deal to me, and i started reading Richard Dawkins and more about Evolution after our son was born. He nearly died in hospital, and my driving force to understand life properly has been pure emotion. It cuts me down when people can't see past the 'cold' atheist label, no matter how hard i try to express my emotions about it all.

If we do get emotional about our lives ... i mean, really OUR own lives - it always seems to beg the question from others, "What, so you think YOU are god?" ... i've always felt that an easy way of looking at it, is to ask yourself "Who is the most important person in my life?" ... the answer has to be you yourself, because if you weren't there, you wouldn't be there.

I think when people talk about God, they are usually talking about themselves really ... to actually come out and say that you understand life the universe and everything only through your own life, for yourself as best you can, given the notion of god (even if you don't go along with it) is a huge thing because to keep the emotion, you have to reject 'god' but retain your feelings and emotions - all for yourself ... but yourself then feels drawn in to somehow fill the gap that god left?

My father says he doesn't believe in god, but is spiritual. His thing is that he sees himself as eyes of the universe - what Carl Sagan said i guess - but it's an emotional journey in a lot of ways to learn about how to balance and understand ourselves and how we fit into it all... but it's a logical journey too, and i feel (emotionally) that the answers are in logic... good logic - and it's science that makes that possible.

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