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I really don't think you should even bother trying to argue against the emotional reasons for religion!

The emotional reasons for believing in religion are really the "safe one's" and should be left alone! Why try and convince someone that Manchester United is a crappy team when their reason for believing so is purely emotional!

I think it is a positive statement when someone recognizes that they believe for emotional rather than factual / evidence reasons! I would only bother arguing with the (incorrect) factual / evidencial reasons for believing in religion.

Our emotional make-up is far more complex than simple reason and logic can address! Lets celerate the irrationality of our emotions and just make sure they don't hurt anyone else!

Religion isn't the problem, only what people do in the name of religion!

I would collect a bunch of arguments against the harmful stuff that religious people do, and be happy with that! Shouldn't we only care about what people do, and to hell with what they believe - as long as they don't try and convince anyone else!

Live and let live!

Fri, 21 Jan 2011 21:32:54 UTC | #582208