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There was a panel at the CARM bookfair a year or two ago (it is on Youtube but I forgot the specific name) where Hitchens was on the panel with 4 Christians: Lee Strobel, William Lee Craig, and some other apologists.

And the moderator was a Christian preacher/apologist who had a slight neuromuscular impairment. Oh, and this was before Hitch got cancer.

Anyway, the panelists were each giving their arguments for or against god, and then the moderator, behind his podium, said something to the effect that Atheism was fine for the strong, the smart, the successful, but what about the weak, the less intelligent? He obviously was speaking sincerely as he was impaired.

If you could find this video clip and play it for your interlocutor, it would show that even christians think atheism is for the intelligent.

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