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Woah, i bet that's a conversation stopper Outrider - but emotionally, i imagine it would make a religious person just fall silent and pray for you? it might even give them even more reason and proof that there is a real need for their prayers, don't you think? Especially ending with a question like that ... might they even take heart that you are still looking for answers - from God even?

When my son was in hospital, people told me they were praying for us - it's all ups and downs, like an emotional soap opera to them i think ... all part of God's plan, with a ready answer come good or bad?

One religious person upset me once by dismissing my argument by saying something like "One day Gareth's faith will be tested, and then he will look for and find God." ... something like that anyway ... and in the context of the conversation and my mood and thoughts, i thought about what might drive me to that dark place - and it would be something happening to my son.

This made me feel like this person was quite bluntly wishing and hoping for something truly tragic to happen in my life so that i would then have the good fortune to find God. I think they actually love this stuff.

Can i just get this out somewhere here too, cos it's been burning a hole in my mind for too long ... this same person also once said that,

"Blaming religion for all the world's woes is like saying that Hitler killed all the Jews with his own hands."

I'm sorry, but emotionally i couldn't cope with that statement and failed in my fight with him - even tho it is a complete and abominable logical failure. The worst thing was that people tolerated him and still do, but not me as an outspoken atheist. I think they actually love this stuff ... can so flippantly and happily soak up and take advantage of real pain and suffering.

Gahhh, i'm sorry ... this is emotion, i feel - but it is interpreted as aggression, isn't it ... it does start feeling that way actually.

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