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Hell. Does that feel right? Consider that depending on the faith, it's not just for the worst people, but for all unrepentant sinners. In Catholicism, doubting the Holy Ghost used to be a mortal sin; I don't know if that's changed. That doesn't feel right. And if the rules change, then their god has changed him mind. That doesn't feel godly either.

Focusing on the Catholics again, they only just removed the idea that unbaptized children go to limbo forever.

One more emotional idea that struck me as a child was just being outside with the wind blowing, and noticing the unimaginable complexity around me in both form and movement. It didn't seem likely to me that any god would be watching every detail all over the world. And if he wasn't, then he wasn't really in control of everything. On the other hand, some people have similar thoughts but take it as evidence that their god is overwhelmingly powerful.

Hell's a pretty good bet, I think.

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