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Personally, when I'm debating religious people, I find it very difficult to convince them even though I have a rational rebuttal for all their religious arguments.

I'm sure this is true for just about everyone on this site. Unfortunately its not just religious people who are immune to rational response.

Try dealing with an anti-vaxxer, an alt/med proponent, a homeopath etc...

All their arguments are based on pseudoscience and misinformation. Its very similar to debating a religious person. Unfortunately for me my brother runs a holistic wellness center, so we get into it all the time over that crap.

Plus I live in Humboldt county, Ca. and its riddled with woo. There are a lot of people up here that are into that kind of stuff. It drives me crazy sometimes.

PS, When you start hitting them with facts they stare at you like a deer in headlights.

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