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Comment 24 by MMAtheist :

Well, I prefer the rational arguments as well, but one emotional argument comes in handy when Christians try to "save me".

For the most part I'm content to leave religionists alone in their little dreamworld, but I'm afraid I'm allergic to being "saved". Once they try to do that the gloves are off - I don't take kindly to their condescension.

When I was younger, in the late 60's and 70's I used to verbally lay into them, but I'm afraid I've got a bit more cuddly as I've grown older. I would ask such questions as "Saved from what?", "Why do you think I need saving?" in order to establish whether they think their God will torture for ever non-believers in their particular brand of supernatural idiocy. Of course they always do but I want to hear it from their own mouths. it's then possible to compare their God's morality with that of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot, and to ask them why I should trust them more than a member of the Waffen-SS. I once reduced a young lady to tears while waiting for a train at Green Park underground station. I felt a but guilty about it afterwards, but, on the whole, I think she deserved it.

I find that's a fun way of implying that these Christians are spineless cowards who accept anything from their "Daddy". "You can have your God, I'd prefer Hell with my loved ones anyway..."

Why not tell them straight out that they are spineless cowards?

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