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Does the Bible actually teach that God is going to torture people in Hell for eternity regardless of the crime/s (sin) they have committed? Does the Bible actually teach that an eternal soul goes straight to heaven at death? Does God sit idly by while so much suffering occurs in this world? Or is the Bible true in prophesying that the whole world (including most Christians) will be deceived by a power (Antichrist) that teaches error about what the Bible says for its own means? Don't believe everything someone tells you what they think the Bible says, check it out for yourself, there are a lot of people who think they are 'Christian' yet know nothing about how the Bible says what a 'Christian' is! Or think they know what God is like but only have a warped second hand story from other peoples opinions. I'm afraid that anyone who bases their beliefs on on emotions or feelings are living on dangerous grounds, whether it be Christianity, Islam or Atheism, these people will be the first to change their minds when the 'feelings' turn sour. The Bible does not teach that Christianity is all a feel-good-ticket-to-eternity, but teaches that many will be afflicted and killed because they follow Christ. Not really the feel good life many expect Christianity to be!

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