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Comment 29 by Drosera :

All this nonsense can easily be boiled down to a single lesson in History class, giving the broad outlines of the idiocy in each case ("Christians believe that the first humans were a couple called Adam and Eve, who listened to a talking snake, and because of that etc., etc.").

I agree that the subject would best be taught in history because of the impact religion has had on the course of human events. I think the focus should be on how particular religious beliefs/conflicts over beliefs etc. have influenced events, not on overall details about how particular religions operate or their particular doctrines.

With respect to:

As a species we should really try to outgrow religion, which is best done by ignoring it as much as possible, and ridiculing it when we can't ignore it.

I disagree completely. That would be like trying to outgrow war by ignoring it as much as possible or treating it like a silly little joke. Personally, I think religion (actually, superstition, which includes and is not limited to religion) exerts a very powerful influence on the human mind (well, most human minds on the planet) and can be extremely dangerous. I'm no more willing to ignore religion as I would be a rattlesnake in my path.

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