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Comment 10 by HughCaldwell :

Strict Islam is incompatible with western society Comment 2 by BLB

Really? You can't tolerate the slogan, " The god of Abraham is God and Mohammed his messenger", the muttering of brief prayers, giving money to the poor, stuffing yourself with food in Ramadan evenings, and holidaying in Mecca ?

I can't tolerate a seven year old girl having their clitoris sawn off with no anaesthetic or even basic hygiene for no good reason.

Of course the barmy Warsi brigade would have it that I am only so "racist and islamophobic" because the majority of Muslims have brown skins. O.K. then, suppose a predominantly while cult did the same, then presumably it would not be racist fo me to criticise them. Does Warsi and her ilk seriously think that it is racist to apply the same standards of care to brown skinned and white skinned children?

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