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Warsi's speech is not very cogent but it deserves more attention than the ramblings of a journalist with no discernable knowledge of the subject, personal or academic,

I fear Islam. I find the views of Muslim youth in the UK frightening. I fear that there will be concessions to "Muslim culture" by well-meaning but deeply misguided politicians so that the rights of so many within that culture will be sacrificed. I fear that there will be increased violence against those who bravely come out as gay, or who renounce Islam. I worry that politicians and police won't want to get involved, and by the time they do, there will have been many tragedies.

There is a serious clash of cultures going on. It has to be faced. Those like Warsi who are blaming that clash on those who reject the values of Islam are seriously and dangerously mistaken.

Mon, 24 Jan 2011 00:04:50 UTC | #583192