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Do you really think people would be concerned about Islam if that was all there was to it?Comment 18 by scotsman2010

These are the five pillars on which Muslims, supposedly, build their lives. Does Baroness Warsi cause you great concern? Do you dismiss her claims to have suffered from Islamophobia?

It's very true that there are Muslims in countries we have invaded who have an tendency towards violence. The Afghan army and the Iraqi army display just this tendency and it is not only acceptable but something that Americans and Europeans are actively promoting. It's true that the poor and uneducated are prone to religious conservatism. I would suggest that it would be more useful to pursue policies which would help to raise the per capita income of Pakistanis from $2,400 closer to the $35,000 of the UK. As to tribal practices, such as honour killing and female genital mutilation, these should be opposed whatever the religion of those concerned, obviously.

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