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Pat Condell (sp?) did a video explaining that in his opinion, Islamaphobia is a misnomer because it is not an unreasonable thing to fear Islam. I'm not sure how one can argue with that. I didn't hear the speech and don't know what was inflammatory but it seems to me that it is a fact that Islam has given rise to horrific actions and it is reasonable to be fearful of a religion who's holy book cries for converting or killing anyone who doesn't believe in Islam. To be fair and balanced I believe there are plenty of Christians who, if given the chance, would be equally barbaric and history shows us the Christian church can be just as frightening. I think the "Christianphobia" that is shown by radical Muslims also has a basis in a reasonable fear when viewed from their cultural perspective. As an atheist I think "religionphobia" is a reasonable thing. I can't think of anything to fear about Jainism, but the religious teachings of both Christianity and Islam have such potential for violence and stupidity that I think phobia is an inappropriate word to describe concern with their teachings. The problem comes when people carry the reasonable fear of religious teachings to a fear of Christians or Muslims in general and ascribe the worst of either set of religious beliefs to all of the religions followers. Most Muslims and Christians may be reasonable, but the foundations of their beliefs are not.

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