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You should also be blind to whether or not those beliefs have a religious provenance

I have to say that I would find it hard to be blind to the religious origin of a belief. That would indicate not just that a candidate was wrong, but was wrong for a very bad reason, that the candidate's belief system was deeply flawed, and not just there were one or two odd opinions.

I realise that this is not practical, at least not for the forseeable future, but I look forward to the time when we can discriminate against people applying for a science job because they have a religious faith. As things stand we have to assume that a person can compartmentalise.

I do wonder if religious organisations would follow this principle - how about atheist candidates for the priesthood? I mean, even atheists believe that a few parts of the Bible might be true.

I feel we need a fairer society, in which science isn't expected to be accommodating to religion in a way that is certainly not reciprocated.

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